#OneWord2018 Intentional – #Gratefullness

I'm so grateful for the opportunities to continue to learn and surround myself with others who also strive to be the best.  I was in Sacramento last week for the 2017 - 2018 CAASPP Institute, with other trainers, presenters, support staff, organizational gurus and all around exceptional educators.  Being around all of these people inspires me... Continue Reading →

Not a test score

I wrote this over 8 years ago!  As we return to school and work, we will be inundated with data, (which I love!), but we have to remind ourselves that it's about the growth our students make as they move along their educational journey.  We need to remember that each of our students has his... Continue Reading →

Teachers Anticipating Unfinished Learning

"I am excited to give my students this pre-assessment on fractions. It will help me understand their prior knowledge, and, therefore, will help me do a better job helping them learn the whys and hows of what they are supposed to understand to be successful."

Unfinished Learning

This has been rolling around in my brain ever since I heard Phil Daro in Bakersfield, CA at the CMC-Central Symposium in March 2016.  I remember sitting there, writing it down, underlining and saying YES! Really loud in my own ears, I was so excited about this phrase!  Well, then, as usual, life got busy,... Continue Reading →

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