#OneWord2018 – Intentional Day 4 “A Pedagogy of Presence”

I have been reading HEART! by Dr. Tim Kanold (@tkanold) over the past few months.  I attended a CMC-Central Leadership Symposium in October 2017 where Dr. Kanold shared his passion and love for Snapchat-648213794education.  I walked away from that day full of renewed hope and yearning. He advises not to read the book from cover to cover quickly, but over time, hence while I’m still reading it, savoring it, reflecting on it. It may be, subconsciously, part of the reason why I chose the word intentional as my #OneWord2018.

The chapter I read today was about Celebration and near the end of the chapter, Dr. Kanold writes, “Be intentional, mindful, and purposeful with your quiet celebrations as you build …” (pg. 145)  This is leaving me pondering the idea, can one be mindful without being intentional, or purposeful without being mindful?  I am going to pondering this for the rest of the evening, I’m sure!  If you have any thoughts, please share them!

Also, in this chapter is the idea of “pedagogy of presence“.  It really means just what it says

…are you practicing, implementing, utilizing all your best intentions to be present in the moment? This is a great reminder that as we interact with people, the most important practice is to be present. We need to put our phones down, turn off our televisions, take out earbuds, step away from the computer, and truly just be present in the moment.  Our colleagues deserve it, our spouses/significant others deserve it, our children deserve it, our students deserve it.

How do you plan on including a “pedagogy of presence” into your day?

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