Let’s Analyze

Welcome Back!  As promised I thought that we could take a look at an item or two together to determine if the questions I proposed were appropriate or if you might have wanted to add a few of your own. Let’s look at an item I chose, which we will be working with for the... Continue Reading →

“The Shifts” aka The Three Major Principles of the CaCCSS for Mathematics

According to the California Mathematics Framework there are three Major Principles of the California Common Core State Standards for Mathematics.  They are also commonly referred to as the “shifts”.  Focus, Coherence and Rigor are those three principles.  The shifts are specifically called out, not as more standards, but as a way to support understanding of... Continue Reading →

Not a test score

I wrote this over 8 years ago!  As we return to school and work, we will be inundated with data, (which I love!), but we have to remind ourselves that it's about the growth our students make as they move along their educational journey.  We need to remember that each of our students has his... Continue Reading →

Unfinished Learning

This has been rolling around in my brain ever since I heard Phil Daro in Bakersfield, CA at the CMC-Central Symposium in March 2016.  I remember sitting there, writing it down, underlining and saying YES! Really loud in my own ears, I was so excited about this phrase!  Well, then, as usual, life got busy,... Continue Reading →

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